Admiral William F Bull Halsey - Commander 3rd Fleet

Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher - Commander Task Force 38

Admiral Ozawa, commanding the Japanese forces

Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita - Commander 2nd Fleet

The Coron Wrecks

The wrecks in Coron Bay, and surrounding shores of Busuanga, are some of the finest dives sites in the Philippines today. Knowing a little about the history of these wrecks, and how they got there, will enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the diving once you are in the water.

Hellcat about to launch from USS Lexington

This site provides details of the attack by US forces, back on September 24th 1944, and a up-to-date description of each wreck site. Enjoy!

USS Lexington

The flight deck of the USS Lexington from where Task Force 38 launched their air strike.

Time & Temperature in Manila

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Hellcat on USS Lexington Admiral William F. Task Force 38 Akitsushima Irako image Coron Island